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Advent of Christianity

The history of Christianity in Nigeria can be traced back to the 15th century, when the Portuguese arrived in Nigeria. Their mission was not successful because the Portuguese were more interested in slave trade. In the 17th century, the Roman Catholic missionaries made attempt to establish Christianity in Nigeria. Christianity arrived Umuomaku in the year 1919 through the Church Missionary Society. Roman Catholic Mission and the Salvation Army also arrived in 1922 and 1934 respectively. In 1977, Chief I.C Ibekwe (Onunekwuruoha I) was elected as the chief of Umuomaku. Following the death of Chief I.C Ibekwe and later Obi Ezeobioha I, Chief Gabriel Ezeobioha ascended the throne and held all the responsibilities until his dealth.
After the passing on of Chief Gabriel (Ezeobioha II), the constitution of Umuomaku was changed to accommodate a rotational Igweship among the constituent villages, starting with the eldest village. This change led to the first election in 2017 that was contested by three prominent Umuomaku indigenes nominated from Umunnambu village. The election later led to the present traditional institutional crisis in the town

The Church Missionary Society

The Church Missionary Society planted the present St Mary's Anglican church Umuomaku. It was established in the year 1919, and it’s the first Church to be established in Umuomaku. This was made possible by the effort of Chief Egbejimba and Chief James Ezeonyiawara. He also served as the first Church teacher. The church witnessed a massive growth, and this resulted in the church moving from the residence of Chief Egbejimba to the permanent site which was secured through the benevolence act of Chief Azubuike Oluoha. The establishment of this church brought about growth and development of Umuomaku town. A school was launched in 1920 with enrollment of forty-five pupils


St Mary’s Anglican Church Umuomaku

The Roman Catholic Mission

The present St John's Catholic Church Umuomaku was established in the year 1922 but could not stand due to the setback it experienced. In 1924, the church became rooted in the land, and a church building was erected and named St John's Catholic Church Amanasa. Amanasa comprised of Enugu-Umuonyia, Agbudu and Umuomaku. By the year 1952, members that were non indigenes of Umuomaku stopped worshipping at St John's Catholic Church. The church is located at the heart of the town


St John's Catholic Church Umuomaku

The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army church was establised in Umuomaku in the year 1934 with the effort of Emmanuel Nwokeduko. William Okeke gave out his portion of the land to the church. The church was then relocated from Eke-Ebelebe to its present location where the Anglican Church and the Catholic Church are located. The church was fully recognized as a corps in 1989 by the Territorial Headquarters.


Salvation Army Church Umuomaku

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